Letters, 2006-2007

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11/13/07 — Dear Colleague Letter from Sen. Landrieu and Rep. Moore on Community Building Code Administration Grant Act

11/09/07 — STEM Education Coalition Letter on Higher Education Act Recommendations

10/31/07 — Roll Call ad on Science Requirements in No Child Left Behind

10/23/07 — ASHRAE/AIA/ASE/ICC Statement on Advancing Building Energy Codes, HR3221 Sec.9031

10/10/07 — STEM Education Coalition Letter on Science in No Child Left Behind

10/02/07 — Letter to Chairmen Bingaman and Dingell on Standard 90.1 Targets in H.R.3221, Pending Energy Legislation

08/02/07 — Letter to Speaker Pelosi in Support of H.R.2272, Competitiveness Legislation

07/17/07 — Letter to Houston Mayor White on Adoption of Standard 90.1

06/15/07 — Letter to Sen. Schumer on Amendments to H.R.6, CLEAN Energy Act of 2007

06/07/07 — Letter to Rep. Ehlers in Support of H.R.35, The Science Accountability Act

06/05/07 — Letter to Sen. Lautenberg in Support of S.506, the High-Performance Green Buildings Act

06/04/07 — Letter of thanks from Speaker Pelosi for SET Working Group Award 

06/04/07 — STEM Education Coalition Letter to Reps. Miller and McKeon on Competitiveness Priorities

06/04/07 — STEM Education Coalition Letter to Rep. Reyes on Diversity and Innovation Caucus

05/07/07 — Comments to EnergyStar on Draft Datacenters Efficiency Report

05/01/07 — STEM Education Coalition Letters to Appropriators Seeking Increased Funding for FY 2008

04/18/07 — Letter to House Technology and Innovation Subcommittee Leadership in Support of NIST Reauthorization

03/29/07 — STEM Education Coalition Letter on No Child Left Behind Reauthorization

03/29/07 — STEM Education Coalition Letter on Scholarships for Teachers of Science and Math 

03/16/07 — STEM Education Coalition Letter on Laboratory Science Programs

02/22/07 — Letters to Texas Legislators in Support of Energy Efficiency Efforts

02/15/07 — Letter to Representative Schwartz in Support of Commercial Building Tax Deduction

02/15/07 — Letter to Senators Dorgan & Murkowski on Energy Efficiency Hearings  

02/12/07 — Letter to EnergyStar ® on Building Energy Rating Protocols Research

02/02/07 — Comments to DOE on Energy Conservation Standards for Federal Buildings  

01/30/07 — STEM Education Coalition Letter to Leadership on Funding  

01/29/07 — Letter to House Committee on Science on Energy Efficient Buildings Act (H.R.84)  

01/22/07 — Letter to Rep. Ehlers and Sen. Dodd in Support of STEM Education

01/12/07 — Memorandum to Members of the Committee on Energy and Commerce

01/05/07 — Report to Clinton Climate Initiative on ASHRAE Activities Impacting Climate Change  

01/03/07 — Letter to Senate Democrats: Getting to Work in the 110th Congress


12/11/06 — Request for National Assessment of Climate Change Required by the Globaly Change Research Act of 1990

12/08/06 — Letter to President Bush: The Important Role Played by Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Meeting the Nation's Future Energy Needs

11/10/06 — STEM Coalition Letter to OMB Director on FY08 Budget

11/06/06 — Letter to IRS and RESNET: ASHRAE Publications in Energy Efficient Home Credit Guidance

10/12/06 — Letter to DOE: Continue Participation in International Energy Agency's Air Infiltration and Ventilation Center

10/11/06  — Senators Letter on Energy Efficiency

10/10/06 —  STEM Education Coalition Letter to Senate Leadership: National Competitiveness Investment Act Introduction