Letters, 2008

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12/22/08 — STEM Education Coalition Letter to President-elect Obama 

12/16/08 — High-Performance Building Congressional Caucus Coalition Statement 'Supporting Policymakers in Building the Future'

12/05/08 — Letter to Speaker Pelosi and Chairman Rangel on HVAC Depreciation in Stimulus Package  

12/02/08 — Report: Achieving National Energy Goals for Buildings: Challenges and Opportunities Facing a New President and Congress  

11/03/08 — Report from Public/Private Sector Workshop on 'High-Performance Federal Buildings: Meeting EISA Requirements through 2030' 

10/24/08 — Comments to EIA on Improving CBECS 

10/09/08 — STEM Education Coalition Letter to NSF on Education and Human Resources Directorate 

09/17/08 — Letter to Federal Aviation Administration on Aircraft IAQ Standard 

09/15/08 — Energy Sciences Coalition Letter to Congress, President on Energy R&D

09/05/08 — STEM - Education Coalition to Education Committee Leadership on Higher Education Opportunity Act

08/15/08 — Comments to DOE on Commercial Equipment Conservation Standards 

08/12/08 — Letter to Congress Requesting Participation in High-Performance Building Caucus 

07/17/08 — ASHRAE Testimony on Benefits of Improved Building Energy Efficiency for House Energy and Air Subcommittee

06/25/08 — Letter to Transportation Committee Leadership on IAQ Standard for Aircraft

06/25/08 — Science/Engineering Community Letter in Support of Women in Science and Engineering   

06/24/08 — Letter to Appropriators on Funding Green Collar Jobs Initiative 

06/18/08 — Follow-Up to Testimony Before Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming 

05/30/08 — Comments on Federal R&D Priorities for Net-Zero Energy, High-Performance Buildings 

05/14/08 — ASHRAE President Kent Peterson Testimony Before House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming 

04/22/08 — Remarks at Rep. Baird 'Buy Green to Save Green' Press Conference 

04/16/08 — Task Force on America's Future Innovation Funding Letters on COMPETES Act 

04/15/08 — STEM Education Coalition Letters to Appropriators on FY09 STEM Funding 

03/14/08 — Welcome Letter to Office of Federal High-Performance Green Buildings 

02/27/08 — ASME/ASHRAE/AIChE Testimony to Nebraska Legislature on Increased Licensure Requirements 

02/22/08 — ASHRAE/AIA/ASE/USGBC/WBCSD Letter in Support of DOE Appropriations  

02/13/08 — Letter to DOE/EPA on Datacenter Efficiency Program from H.R.6

02/11/08 — STEM Education Coalition Letter on Higher Education Act Recommendations